You can access the complete terms and conditions here: Terms and conditions

General Information

  • During the three days of the Hot Air Balloon Parade, free flights can be taken in five time slots.
  • Free flights are sold as individual tickets. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that for group-purchased tickets, everyone will be in the same basket, but priority is given to parent-child pairs.
  • The duration of the free flight varies depending on weather conditions, between 20 and 60 minutes.
  • The cost of the free flight is 800 RON (+Tax)/person (300 RON +Tax deposit + 500 RON on-site payment).
  • The advance payment for the free flight is paid on the platform, the rest of the payment is paid on the spot 30 minutes before take-off.
  • In case weather conditions are unfavorable or the pilot deems flight conditions unsafe, the payment for the free flight will be refunded.
  • The exact take-off location (Mătrici / Câmpul Cetății) will be communicated to the participants, one day before the take-off.
  • If someone does not show up at the scheduled time, is not dressed appropriately, or is under the influence of alcohol or other substances, the cost of the free flight will not be refunded.
  • Participants are required to fill out a liability waiver.
  • People with epilepsy or high blood pressure are not recommended to participate in free flights.

Participation of Children

  • Children under 135 cm in height can not participate in free flights.
  • Infants or children being held cannot participate in free flights.
  • Those under 16 years of age can fly in the presence of a parent or an adult companion who will be responsible for the minor.
  • There are no reduced fares for children; the flight`s price is also 800 RON (+Tax).
  • If a parent or adult companion purchases a ticket for a child who, according to the regulations, is not allowed to fly, the ticket amount will not be refunded.

Useful Information

  • Since the weather is a crucial factor, each free flight is scheduled within a specific time interval. Please arrive half an hour before the scheduled flight time.
  • The free flight begins when the pilot deems the take-off conditions to be safe.
  • Recommended clothing: sporty attire, warm clothing, waterproof clothing, and appropriate footwear.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed to be brought into the hot air balloon.
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption are prohibited during the free flight.
  • Organizers are not responsible for items falling out of the hot air balloon. Each participant assumes personal responsibility for using cameras, smartphones, or other devices during the flight.
  • Participants are not provided with transportation to the departure point. 
  • Participants will be transported back to the take-off point by car after landing.