Hot Air Balloon Flight Description

Hot air balloon flights are currently one of the most mesmerizing outdoor recreational activities.

This type of aircraft dates back to ancient China (unmanned balloons), while the first manned flight took place in France on 19 September 1783. Hot air balloons are famous for being the first successful human-carrying flight technology.

The lighter than air envelope, filled with heated air, carries the gondola (or wicker basket/capsule), used for accommodating the passengers. Special materials have been developed in time for the envelope, which needs to be heat-resistant in the vicinity of the heating source.

Our balloons are capable of carrying 1-3 people in each gondola. Each group is accompanied by a flight instructor. We take care to make your ride as relaxing and pleasantly as possible – and we have X years experience in this activity.
Come and meet us – treat yourself to one the most beautiful presents ever! Just sit back and let the smooth wind carry you above wonderful landscapes, while we masterfully handle the flight!

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